Self-Help Guides

Self Help Guide - Cordless / Princess Mulching Plug

A Guide for the insertion and removal of the Mulching Plug on Princess and cordless lawnmowers

White smoke - Draining excess oil

Self Help Guide for excessive oil in a lawnmower causing lots of white smoke to be produced

Hydraulic Lock - Starter cord / pull cord stuck

Self Help Guide to release a stuck pull cord / starter cord on a walk behind lawnmower

Self Help Guide - Draining the fuel & oil from a lawnmower

Self Help Guide - Draining the fuel & oil from a Mountfield or Honda engined lawnmower

Self Help Guide - Preparing your lawnmower for winter storage

Self Help Guide on how to properly prepare your lawnmower for storage to ensure easy starting and reliability the following year.

Self Help Guide - Chainsaw Quick Start Guide

This is a generic Quick Start Guide which covers most two stroke petrol driven chainsaws

Self Help Guide - Mulching Plug - Walk Behind Lawnmower

Self Help Guide to locate and remove the Mulching Plug on most walk-behind lawnmowers

Refitting the drive belt - Generic

Basic instructions for refitting the drive belt - Generic instructions including SP454, SP474, SP536, SP184 and others..

Throttle cable adjustment - SP534ES

Basic instructions for the throttle cable adjustment on SP534ES lawnmowers


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